5 Survival Tips for MBA Moms and Families

Part I: My Journey as an MBA Mom I am a mother who can say I have tried all the arrangements: I have been a stay at home mom, a work-from-home mom, a student mom and a full-time working mom. Throughout my MBA and career journey I have tried different childcare setups. People often ask me which one was “the best”.  The truth is that each configuration was best suited to different stages in our family development.   Prior to … Continue Reading

What Keeps You Going? Insights from Darden’s Global Conference

At Darden’s Global Conference, business experts from diverse corporations shared insights they gleaned from doing business in tough environments.   When asked what kept them going through hard times, here is what they keynote speakers … Continue Reading

How to Change the World in 4 Simple Steps

Have you ever wanted to  change the world?   Is there some cause you are passionate about, but have no idea where to start? When you think about it, there are  only four  simple steps … Continue Reading

Unintentional Comedy: How to Save Yourself from Direct Marketing, MLM, and Network Marketing

Your friend invites you to dinner to discuss something amazing—a well-kept secret that could change your life! Oh, brother.   You’ve been down this road before, and you fear being cornered into yet another multilevel … Continue Reading

Can This One Professor Rescue Europe?

Alberto Alemmano’s life mission is to promote civic engagement in the European Union. His recent Coursera class solicits the attention of bright, young minds who are eager to learn and change the world. Alberto Alemanno … Continue Reading

The Words that Give MBAs Nightmares

In contrast to the list of buzzwords that get MBAs turned on, there is an equally important list to keep in mind: the words that give MBAs Nightmares. You’ll either want to avoid these words … Continue Reading

The Words that Get MBAs Turned On

Business people invented the concept of buzzwords with a simple idea in mind: the words you use can get your audience fired up with excitement to take action. The nice thing is there is a … Continue Reading

Measuring Facebook Engagement: a Scientific Study

Not everybody uses Facebook in the same way.   Some people share lots of photos and frequent status updates.   Other people enjoy looking at their friends’ posts but not sharing new content regularly. I … Continue Reading

Purpose vs. Actual Use of Social Media Networks

It’s important in marketing to keep up with the latest social media trends.   This helps companies reach their target audiences and also know where to mine important information for refining business strategy. Keeping up … Continue Reading

Accounting Help for Non-Traditional MBA Students

Accounting can be one of the most painful MBA subjects for non-traditional MBA candidates, or those who have had limited or no exposure to accounting. As a non-traditional applicant myself, I have had to learn … Continue Reading

How to Identify the Hottest New Trends

As an aspiring brand manager, I’m constantly striving to keep my finger on the pulse of the hottest new trends.   Occasionally, I’ll even write about them on this blog. In this break-neck paced mobile … Continue Reading

Does Manipulation Work in Marketing?

Let’s face it: manipulation is rampant in marketing campaigns.   The whole idea that marketers are trying to get you to do something–usually buy a product or service ASAP–is pretty manipulative.   But when does … Continue Reading

Eureka! 5 Best Deep Conditioning Products for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Holy Hair Health!!   Finally.   Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments that Give You Moisture up the Wazoo!!! For those who suffer from naturally dry hair, conditioning products can be a real life-saver.   Sure, a … Continue Reading

How to Become a Data Whiz in 4 Simple Steps

Creating graphs and charts as well as playing around with data visualization are two of the most valuable things you can do to prepare for MBA school.   But if you aren’t used to dealing … Continue Reading

Red Lobster Logo

Red Lobster to Win Despite Declining Sales

Darden Restaurants just sold Red Lobster to the private equity firm Golden Gate Capital for $2.1 billion in cash. Is this good news or bad news for the sea food chain? Some might see this … Continue Reading