Measuring Facebook Engagement: a Scientific Study

Not everybody uses Facebook in the same way.   Some people share lots of photos and frequent status updates.   Other people enjoy looking at their friends’ posts but not sharing new content regularly. I was curious to learn about my friends’ various patterns of engagement.   I wanted to see if there were any behavioral patterns I could observe, and if any such findings could help me predict behavior. Like a good little student, I wanted to follow the … Continue Reading

Why Do Technology Companies Favor Subscription Models?

Technology companies are favoring online subscription models at increasing rates.   In 2013, Adobe switched its one-time purchase model to that of a monthly subscription.   Customers no longer pay hundreds of dollars upfront for … Continue Reading

The Fitbit Promise to Save Lives

Exercise has been touted as one of the best prevention tools for years.   The research that emerges continues to reaffirm this belief.   There is so much data that nobody can even dream of … Continue Reading

Teenage Client

Forbes Features Mimi West

Just in time for the summer months, I was asked to discuss my experience dealing with teenage clients in my business.   I explained to the panel of experts why respect is vital to understanding … Continue Reading

FizzNiche Interview with Mimi West, Founder of My Dream Teacher

In June 2012, FizzNiche interviewed me as part of a series in which they featured their expert guest bloggers. The interview highlighted my   experience in music as well as guest blogging and business. At … Continue Reading