Painful Revolution: The Music Industry is Neither Dead nor Dying

Music: the Most Hotly-Debated Art Form Have you noticed that people have stronger opinions about music than any other art form?   You’ll never hear people debating the true purpose of painting or dance the way you’ll watch them hashing it out over music.   Movies as take a distant second place on the heated debate spectrum.   Take these questions for example: What is the best genre of music? Is music these days getting better or worse? Is pop … Continue Reading

When Is Nudity Culturally Acceptable?

Today we are going to strip nudity of its mystery—yessss! We are going to decode, debunk and demystify the stigma associated with nudity, as well as explain when and why it’s acceptable to be naked. … Continue Reading

Confession: 5 Reasons Opera Will Never Be Popular, and Why That’s Okay

Some people think the opera industry will never take off.   Does it have to be that way? Opera fans the world over mourned as New York City Opera closed its doors and shut down … Continue Reading

Mimi West Wins as Carrie in Carousel

The role of Carrie Pipperidge in  Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel is one of my biggest wins in theater.   This multifaceted character is one of the most enjoyable stage roles I have played. It was … Continue Reading

Mimi West as Lady Caroline Dester in the musical Enchanted April

Rave Reviews for Mimi West as Lady Caroline Dester in Enchanted April

After losing 18 pounds for a role in which my stage wine and cigarettes were my only friends, I was pleased to have delighted some audience members and reviewers alike.   They came to see … Continue Reading

Fox 13 Enchanted April Episode

Mimi West Featured on Fox 13 for Enchanted April the Musical

As a part of our marketing efforts to promote the musical Enchanted April, four of us sang “I Wish”   on Fox 13 (pictured to the right).   Utah Lyric Opera and the Covey Center … Continue Reading

Mimi West Wins Praise as Mabel in Pirates of Penzance

My performance of Mabel in Pirates of Penzance won critical acclaim as “a stand-out both in terms of vocals and comedy” by the Utah Theatre Bloggers Association.   Callie Oppedisano, who received her PhD at … Continue Reading