Are the Low Birth Rates in the US a Problem?

Birth rates are important statistics for economists to keep their eyes on. As worldwide birthrates have fallen in most countries, this brings up a number of economic concerns.   When the birthrate falls below what is considered to be a healthy replenishing level, all kinds of things can go wrong. The strict definition of birth rate is “the number of births per thousand of population per year”.   Statisticians usually only count the number of live births, or infants that … Continue Reading

My Experience Proofreading the Spanish Bible

A few years ago, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints embarked on a project that journalists dubbed  “one of the most significant projects ever undertaken” by the organization: a completely new version of … Continue Reading

How to Identify the Hottest New Trends

As an aspiring brand manager, I’m constantly striving to keep my finger on the pulse of the hottest new trends.   Occasionally, I’ll even write about them on this blog. In this break-neck paced mobile … Continue Reading

When Is Nudity Culturally Acceptable?

Today we are going to strip nudity of its mystery—yessss! We are going to decode, debunk and demystify the stigma associated with nudity, as well as explain when and why it’s acceptable to be naked. … Continue Reading

Confession: 5 Reasons Opera Will Never Be Popular, and Why That’s Okay

Some people think the opera industry will never take off.   Does it have to be that way? Opera fans the world over mourned as New York City Opera closed its doors and shut down … Continue Reading