5 Reasons CPG Brand Management Rocks

The consumer packaged goods industry (CPG) is an appealing choice for MBA students considering their many career options.   Brand management is a viable option for those who love marketing, leadership and product development. Here are five major easons CPG brand management appeals to brilliant future business leaders the world over. 1)           A big slice of pie.   According to Investopedia, the CPG industry is valued at about $2 trillion in North America alone.   … Continue Reading

How to Identify the Hottest New Trends

As an aspiring brand manager, I’m constantly striving to keep my finger on the pulse of the hottest new trends.   Occasionally, I’ll even write about them on this blog. In this break-neck paced mobile … Continue Reading

Eureka! 5 Best Deep Conditioning Products for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Holy Hair Health!!   Finally.   Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments that Give You Moisture up the Wazoo!!! For those who suffer from naturally dry hair, conditioning products can be a real life-saver.   Sure, a … Continue Reading

What Makes Russell Stover So Successful?

People seem to be throwing chocolates at me as gifts these days.   Maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting old and people are running out of gift ideas.   Whatever the reason, I knew … Continue Reading

The Fitbit Promise to Save Lives

Exercise has been touted as one of the best prevention tools for years.   The research that emerges continues to reaffirm this belief.   There is so much data that nobody can even dream of … Continue Reading

V Chocolates Treats Me to a Mother’s Day Suprise

For Mother’s Day, my church leaders gave me a tiny pink box of chocolates. I loved the triangular prism-shaped box so much I knew instantly that I would write about it on my business blog. … Continue Reading

Top 5 Best and Worst Brazilian Chocolates by Lacta

It’s such a treat to explore the chocolates of other countries.   Not only is it exhilarating to savor the unique flavors, but it’s also fun to analyze the branding messages. After sampling a variety … Continue Reading