Why Do Technology Companies Favor Subscription Models?

Technology companies are favoring online subscription models at increasing rates.   In 2013, Adobe switched its one-time purchase model to that of a monthly subscription.   Customers no longer pay hundreds of dollars upfront for Adobe products, but rather pay smaller fees overtime to maintain usage privileges. Other technology companies are following suit.   LinkedIn, Netflix, and Amazon Prime all offer monthly subscriptions to customers.   Startups such as Workfolio, InternMatch and Intern Sushi also include subscription models as part … Continue Reading

5 Reasons CPG Brand Management Rocks

The consumer packaged goods industry (CPG) is an appealing choice for MBA students considering their many career options.   Brand management is a viable option for those who love marketing, leadership and product development. Here … Continue Reading

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Music: the Most Hotly-Debated Art Form Have you noticed that people have stronger opinions about music than any other art form?   You’ll never hear people debating the true purpose of painting or dance the … Continue Reading

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Some people think the opera industry will never take off.   Does it have to be that way? Opera fans the world over mourned as New York City Opera closed its doors and shut down … Continue Reading