FizzNiche Interview with Mimi West, Founder of My Dream Teacher

by   |  June 15, 2012

Mimi West, Founder, My Dream Teacher

In June 2012, FizzNiche interviewed me as part of a series in which they featured their expert guest bloggers. The interview highlighted my   experience in music as well as guest blogging and business.

At the time, I was a frequent guest blogger of the FizzNiche network.

Here is a transcript of the interview.

Guest Blogger Profile: Mimi West

With the Guest Blogger profile, we’re introducing you to the amazing guest bloggers that help us build quality content every day. They share what they do, why they do it and generously offer up tips to help you make the most of your guest blogging experience.

Today, we’re featuring Mimi West, Founder and CEO of  My Dream Teacher.

About Mimi West

My name is Mimi West and I founded My Dream Teacher to help music students and teachers live their dreams. I run the business from my home office, and enjoy recruiting guest bloggers and contributing to other websites as well.

Since becoming a guest blogger, I have recommended it to everyone. Guest blogging has been a great networking tool for my business. It’s an effective way for me to form alliances with people whose expertise complements my own. Additionally, it’s great exposure for my business.

Unlike many people in my industry, I am constantly seeking colleagues from other industries to help improve my products and services. I like going out of my way to help others improve, too. Guest blogging is one of the best platforms for accomplishing both objectives.

Our Interview with Mimi West

What is your area of expertise? How did you gain this expertise?

Music and entertaining are my areas of expertise, particularly classical singing. I have years of training in piano, violin, and vocal techniques, and received my BM in Vocal Performance from Brigham Young University. I have worked as a professional performer and private voice coach for nearly a decade. I founded My Dream Teacher to help connect music students with expert teachers.

Is this different from what you do for your “day job” ““ or is guest blogging part of your day job?

Guest blogging is related to my day job, though my actual job is instructing musicians on how to maximize their potential in music, business, and other areas of life.

Do you have a regular guest spot (or spots) on any sites?  

In addition to FizzNiche, I am a frequent contributor to HARO (Help a Reporter Out). Since I have so many hobbies, I write on a wide variety of subjects: business, finance, education, parenting, health, and relationships. I hardly ever find music-related queries, which is one main reason I started my own music blog on the My Dream Teacher website.

How often are your guest blog posts published?

These days I average 2-3 publications per week.

What do you look for when trying to find guest blogging opportunities?

I tend to look for business and family-related queries. I do find value in branching out, however, which is why I have such a variety of posts on other websites.

How do you decide whether or not an opportunity is right for you?

You never know until you try. My maxim is always “just go for it”.

How much time do you spend each week looking for guest blogging opportunities?

I spend about 10 minutes each day, which equates to 50 minutes to 1 hour each week.

Where do you get your inspiration for what to write about?

My inspiration comes from keeping an open mind throughout the day. The most random things will inspire me, especially as I’m trying to solve a seemingly unrelated problem. To counter writer’s block, I keep my writing six months ahead of myself on my editorial calendar.

What do you consider a “successful” guest blog post?

There are levels of success. You have to expect a good percentage of your work will get rejected. As such, the first level of success is just getting published. The second level is how engaged your readers are. I’d rather have 3 readers who comment and share my material than 100 passive readers.

What is the ONE, biggest benefit you see from guest blogging?

Personal development. If all else fails”“nobody reads it, your host site “fires” you as a guest blogger, you offend thousands of people”“you are pushing yourself to generate what you consider to be high-quality, helpful material.

What are some other benefits of guest blogging?

The next greatest benefit is forming relationships with people from other industries who are passionate about sharing helpful information. Of course, the link building helps, too.

Were you surprised by any of these benefits? If so, how and why?

I remember when my first post got published. I freaked out. I didn’t think I was ready to have that much exposure, since my business was still developing. Since I pushed myself before I was ready, I continued down that road and found much more success than I would have otherwise.

Have you made any notable mistakes as a guest blogger? What happened and what did you learn?

Hmm, I can’t think of any yet. I’ll get back to you on that one!

Do you have any tactics or strategies for a successful guest blog post that you’d share with someone trying it out for the first time?

The best tactic is just to get in the writing habit. Start writing and responding to queries every day. Submit material, even if you think it sounds stupid. Done is better than perfect, and you will be surprised how people respond to what you have to say.

Why do you love FizzNiche? C’mon ““ you know you love us!

I do love you! Honestly, FizzNiche has helped me believe in myself as a writer, networker, and credible authority in my industry. I learn a lot from other guest bloggers, too. Thank you!

No”¦. Thank YOU!

Thanks, Mimi! We love you too! Your guest blog posts have received great responses from our visitors ““ and we know that you’ve got far more to share with us in the future ““ we are excited to continue working with you!

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About the Author:

Mimi West is a consummate entrepreneur, brand and marketing expert. This retired opera singer and Founder of My Dream Teacher is now pursuing her MBA at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business Administration. You can follower her on Twitter: @MimiGuynnWest.
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