Mimi West Featured on Fox 13 for Enchanted April the Musical

by   |  April 7, 2013
Fox 13 Enchanted April Episode

From left to right: Jessica Lake, Lynne Bronson, Mimi West, and Elizabeth Hansen perform a preview of the musical Enchanted April on Fox 13.

As a part of our marketing efforts to promote the musical Enchanted April, four of us sang “I Wish”   on Fox 13 (pictured to the right).   Utah Lyric Opera and the Covey Center for the Arts commissioned Enchanted April in 2013.   The original musical was written by Utah’s own Elizabeth Hansen and Michael Perry.

Based on Elizabeth von Arnim’s beloved novel Enchanted April, te show takes place in 1920’s Europe.   Four women find themselves inconsolably miserable for their own reasons.   Deciding on a whim to rent a Medieval castle in Italy for the entire month of April, what begins as a fun frolic quickly becomes each woman’s biggest life transformation.   The story has been cherished as a beautifully simple tale of redemption and opening the heart up to love and the lush possibilities life has to offer.

I played the role of Lady Caroline Dester, a sad and seductive war widow who longs to escape the pressures of her high-profile life and find true love once and for all.

As a part of my marketing strategy, I leveraged the video from this TV appearance in our social media campaign.   Three-fourths of our shows filled the theater to capacity with numerous performances selling out.

Enchanted April won critical acclaim in numerous reviews.   The musical played at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo Utah and was produced by the theater in conjunction with Utah Lyric Opera.   Enchanted April will ran from April 11th through May 4th in the Brinton Black Box Theater, with performances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, as well as a matinee performance on May 4th.

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