Mimi West Wins as Carrie in Carousel

by   |  August 26, 2013
When the Children Are Asleep

“When the Children Are Asleep”, the duet between Mr. Snow and Carrie, is a popular song from the musical Carousel.

The role of Carrie Pipperidge in  Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel is one of my biggest wins in theater.   This multifaceted character is one of the most enjoyable stage roles I have played.

It was also fun to interact with members of the audience after performances.   I loved taking pictures with them and having little girls ask for my autograph.   Carrie is not just a fun part to play, but also a strong woman and a positive role model for young girls–two things that are hard to find in musical theater roles.

I was pleased when the reviews came out for Utah Repertory Theater’s production of     Here is what the reviewers had to say about my portrayal of Carrie Pipperidge at the Historic Murray Theater.

Zach Archuleta of the scholarly Utah Theatre Bloggers Association enjoyed my subtle acting choices in my first song.   “Her simply blocked but well communicated “˜You’re a Queer One, Julie Jordan’ showed all her honest amiability and introduced a balanced woman with a slight desire for showing off.”   Said Archuleta of the “diligent” performance, “She provided a powerful backup of voice and friendship to Julie at all times.”

Jigger abducts Carrie in Carousel

The scene in which Jigger abducts Carrie was hilarious in this version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical Carousel.

Daniel Brassard of Front Row Reviewers Utah wrote that I “did such an amazing job by not only supporting the main love story but also shining through as [part of] the better and certainly more stable couple.”

Tyler Hinton of Broadway World called me a “strong vocalist”.   Hinton also ranked Carousel #4 in the Top 5 Shows to See This Summer.   Shaun Davis of Backstage Utah-–the former Music Director of the Syracuse Symphony–was especially impressed with the performance.   Said Shaun, “The singers in the production were among the best I have ever heard . . . The four leads Julie, Billy, Carrie and Mr. Snow were outstanding.”

Of the many colorful characters I’ve had the pleasure of playing throughout my career, the role of Carrie Pippderidge is one of my all-time favorites.   She is one heck of a spit-fire.   She’s bubbly and charming, brash and volatile, and fiercely loyal.   She’s a fascinating mixture of leadership, confidence, and virginal coyness.   Her main foible is her comically bad timing.   She lacks the tact that would save her in situations that so often give others the wrong impression of her true intentions.


Many people asked me what I was going to do next after the show closed.   First, I decided to take a break and start rebuilding my personal life.   Then after much self-reflection, I decided to pursue my dream of getting a Masters in Business Administration.

I had to quickly throw my application strategy together.   By some miracle, I completed my GMAT and four applications under insane time pressures.   I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be moving to Virginia to start Darden’s top-ranked MBA program this fall.

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Mimi West is a consummate entrepreneur, brand and marketing expert. This retired opera singer and Founder of My Dream Teacher is now pursuing her MBA at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business Administration. You can follower her on Twitter: @MimiGuynnWest.
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