Sweet Tooth Fairy Cake Bites? Yes, Please!

by   |  May 14, 2014

Sweet Tooth Fairy cake bites

Sweet Tooth Fairy cake bites are second to none. Try them, if you dare . . . to become addicted.

Last night I sampled Megan Brown’s Sweet Tooth Fairy cake bites for the first time.   This morning I ate some more for breakfast and I can’t stop thinking about them!

The Cake Bites

Mini desserts are the hottest items in the recent dessert trend, and to date The Sweet Tooth Fairy cake bites are the most delicious ones I have tried.   The taste of these cake bites is sweet but not overbearingly so.   In fact, there’s a stronger hint of salt than what you find in most sweet treats, which I find highly satisfying.   The outer layer of chocolate is firm enough to withstand a little pressure in your hand, but pleasantly soft and smooth when bitten into.

The cake part inside is moist and divine.   Some people detest the word “moist”, but it doesn’t bother me in the least.   Rather, it describes the ideal cake characteristic better than any other word.   In the case of these cake bites, the level of moisture gives the texture a quality of decadence and luxury.

The peanut butter was by far the most surprising of the flavors.   The outer layer of chocolate was sprinkled with kosher salt, which gave the sweet treat an amazing savory accent.   The cake was an amusing interplay of sweet and savory elements, but the peanut butter flavor was surprisingly subtle.   So subtle, in fact, that people got in arguments over what they thought the flavor was.   For peanut butter fanatics, the subtlety of the peanut flavor might be a little disappointing, but I felt the cake bite’s other savory elements more than compensated for this.

My favorite was the red velvet cake bite.    The double fudge flavor was decadent as you could expect, and was the most popular product of the evening.   The plates full of chocolate cake bites were the first to run out.

Megan Brown provided some 200 cake bites as a service at last night’s church activity.   I consider this the most brilliant marketing tactic she could have come up with.   Now all the church ladies are raving to each other and their families about The Sweet Tooth Fairy cake bites.   Those who have never been to the Sweet Tooth Fairy shop in Salt Lake City are making plans to do so now.

Admittedly, I am one of those church ladies who has never been to the Sweet Tooth Fairy shop.   I generally avoid such places because I have no self-control when it comes to good sweets.   But now that I have tasted these amazing cake bites, you can bet I’ll be busting down the door soon.

The delicious cake bites speak for themselves.   Try one today and you will be hooked like everyone at last night’s activity.

Other Marketing Elements

Naturally, my mouth-watering experience with the Sweet Tooth Fairy cake bites led me to examine the other aspects of the business.   I went first to the Sweet Tooth Fairy website, enchanted by what I saw.   The overall look is a classy French style that is modern, bakery-appropriate, and not overdone.   The color palate is tastefully selected, with shades of teal, white and brown that complement one another.   I like the accent features such as the frames around photographs and the “crown molding” below the navigation.Sweet Tooth Fairy Logo

The logo includes two type faces: the title text “The Sweet Tooth Fairy” that creates a sort of Old Western feel, and the descriptive text “Gourmet Bake Shop” sans serif.   The “The” is stylized and adds a dynamic element of movement to the logo.   To the left is a fairy silhouette with spoon and cake in hand.

Animations can be treacherous on a website, but the Sweet Tooth Fairy website employs them judiciously.   When you hover over the fairy illustration, she creates a cake with a magic poof of her spoon.   Another banner on the home page occasionally rotates, letters appearing in another sparkly poof.   I think these animations are clever and add charm to the website.

On the homepage, Megan Brown does a good job of showcasing her dessert products at the top with attractive, high definition photographs.   I always like to see links to videos on the front page, and Megan has one that leads to her “About” page.   The “Media” tab is where she leverages recent press, categorizing them appropriately.

In sum, the website wins brownie points for its charming design, detailed descriptions, appropriate organization and professional functionality.

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