Proof that Superhuman Mothers Exist: The Top 10 Superhuman Mothers

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Many people think their mothers had (or still have) superhuman powers, and this is appropriate.   Many stories underscore these claims of mothers possessing superhuman powers:

– Mothers possess a supernatural love for children who are not always loveable
– Many mothers—though not all—have the magical power to grow human beings inside of them
– When said children are born, mothers use their bodies to magically create food for their babies
– Mothers stay awake to care for ailing children—sacrificing more hours of sleep than the amount that is scientifically proven to be healthy and sustainable
– The famous story of a mother lifting up a car to rescue her trapped son sounds like something out of an epic comic book

These remarkable stories document the superhuman capacities of mothers over the centuries of human history. For a long time, however, it was difficult to provide numerical data to substantiate claims of superhuman powers in mothers—until now.

What I am about to disclose will prove, once and for all, that superhuman mothers are no sentimental fiction—no, my friends.   Superhuman mothers are real.

The Hardcore Data

Top 10 Superhuman Mothers

I recently found a roster of women who have given birth to the highest number of babies in history.   The winner is a woman identified as Mrs. Vissalyev (the first wife of Mr. Vissalyev), who gave birth to a whopping 69 children!   That’s 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets.   Bless Mrs. Vassilyev forever!   If that is not a sign of superhuman powers, nothing is.

What is even more astonishing is that 67 of Mrs. Vassilyev’s 69 children survived infancy.   That’s a 97% success rate, which is staggering for any country in the 1700’s.

I wish I knew more about the superhero Mrs. Vassilyev, but that is all the information we have at the moment.   She was amazing and remains an inspiration for all mankind to marvel at.

While I’m amazed at these mothers’ accomplishments, I am also saddened to realize how unreliable the historical records are.   Several of these women who made the top 10 claimed to have had even more children, but their names weren’t registered for whatever reason.   I’m sure there are many other superhuman mothers in history whose self-sacrifice has gone undocumented.   We will never know their names nor the depth of their love.

Sad as this realization is, I’m happy that we do have some record of superhuman feats of motherhood.   I’m pretty much bowing down in worship of these women today.

In addition to these amazing Top 10 contenders, there are many other women who inspire a sense of awe and wonderment.   Here is a graph to illustrate their accomplishments:

Children Born to Superhuman MothersYou’ll notice that only one woman at any point in history gave birth to the extremely high numbers of children (33-69 children).   Coincidentally, these women are the top 10 contenders listed above.   4 women are tied at the #11 spot with an amazing total of 32 children.   It’s interesting to note that no women in recorded history have given birth to a total of 34, 31, 29 or 26 children.

Keep in mind that these numbers only reflect what has been recorded in history.   Many ancient cultures didn’t keep written records.   Even some patriarchal societies that did keep written records didn’t always account for the women born in their cultures.   As such, there could be many more superhuman mothers whose accomplishments were never recorded.

How Is This Even Possible?

How can one woman give birth to so many children?   I ask you: how is it physically possible?   Were all these women severely malnourished their entire lives?   How did they have the physical stamina to birth so many babies?

I declare here and now: I don’t know!   I am astonished that this is even possible.   These mothers are clearly superhuman superheroes of a supernatural order!   There is no other explanation.

See for Yourself

I encourage you to read the list of mothers who have birthed the highest number of children in history.   As with any motherhood-related article, please don’t take offense to this information.

And mothers: please don’t take this as a sign of your own worthlessness.   The mother’s kryptonite is feeling like you’re never good enough.   My intention in sharing this remarkable data is to celebrate the most superhuman mothers who ever lived, not to make any kind of negative judgments on any mothers anywhere.

Let us stay positive and give huge shouts of wonder to these amazing, superhuman women!

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