The Words that Give MBAs Nightmares

by   |  August 7, 2014

Words that Give MBAs NightmaresIn contrast to the list of buzzwords that get MBAs turned on, there is an equally important list to keep in mind: the words that give MBAs Nightmares.

You’ll either want to avoid these words or use them strategically.

Nouns that Give MBAs Nightmares

Boss, Bear Market, Plateau, Failure, Shareholder, Stakeholder, Evaluations, Responsibility, Accounts Payable, Bankruptcy, Unemployment, Mediocrity, IT, Fear, OCD, Narcissism, Subordinates, Networking

Verbs that Give MBAs Nightmares

Fail, Overshoot, Overestimate, Default

Adjectives that Give MBAs Nightmares

Underpaid, Mediocre, Undervalued, Overvalued, Stagnant, Bankrupt

Using These Words

The manner in which you use these words will depend strongly on your objective.   If you’re going for a somber sort of mood, sprinkling some of these words into your presentation could be a smart choice.   If you wish to evoke fear as a motivating tactic, the result may be a nice one for you.

In general, you’ll never want to clutter too many of these words into your MBA-related projects because the effect will be overly adverse.   Use them sparingly and wisely.

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