Mimi West

  • Mimi West is a marketing professional with 8 years of experience leading diverse teams and projects. She has worked in brand management at Land O'Lakes and General Mills and is the President of the real estate company West Empire Residential. Previously she was the Founder of My Dream Teacher, where she trained music students to succeed in their careers and created the software program Music Master Plan--now in MOOC form on Udemy.com.

  • Prior to Darden, West performed in many operas, recitals, musical theater productions, and other live events. She completed four singing tours, entertained audiences on four continents, and accepted a nomination for Best Supporting Actress prior to "retiring" from her musical career.

  • West recently completed an international engagement with a technology startup that services oil companies in Brazil. She has maintained a passion for world travel and exploration from a young age, having lived in five countries and having stayed with host families in an additional two. She speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys reading in French, German, and Italian. One of her favorite things is to meet and build relationships with people from other nations.